Digital Narrative Game

I played a few games that employed a lot of player agency which makes the game much more interesting because it allows people to interact and to be placed in the character’s shoes.You start believing that every decision you make is actually going to impact your life personally forgetting that it is just a game. These games create a powerful tool that send a meaningful message that actually serves a good a cause. 

The first game I played was called “Spent”. It’s a game about poverty and it helps in creating an image of how people who face poverty go through their day to day tasks. The game consists of 30 levels where you have to pass by without finishing your money. You have to make compromises the whole game and you have to set your priority straight. The visuals and the graphics used in this game are pretty interesting. This game helped in reminding me how my daily tasks that I get through easily without thinking about them is a whole huge issue for some people who face poverty. It creates awareness and helps in remind us that people struggle daily to get through these tasks.

The second game is called “BBC Syrian Refugees”. I played this game three times and it was really heart-breaking. It’s about a Syrian family that’s trying to get to Europe and the three times I played there was really no happy ending to it. No matter what the choices were. It also made me question would making an immoral decision in this situation for the sake of your family really counts as immoral?   like it made me question what is considered moral and what is considered immoral in such a situation. I was thinking twice during making each decision because I was pretty sure that any decision I would take would change the course drastically.

The third game I played is called “Sleep Deprived moms.” The compromises mothers have to go through is unbelievable and I already knew that. I can never image doing the things my mom goes through as a working mother of two twins who are still 9 years old. I can relate to the game personally without even going through any of these things because I see what my mom goes through. It takes a lot of emotional capacity and energy to be able to balance everything you’re going through in your life as a mother.

The fourth game is called “Responsible Partying” I didn’t enjoy this game as much. It was like reading an article that’s full of  statistics not like a game I’ve been playing. The body texts and the sequence did it help in it’s flow and got me confused at times that I had to re-read the paragraph several time to understand the flow of the game. The cause is great but the application wasn’t that good.

The fifth game is called “Bad News” it’s basically about creating an account with fake news and the process of spreading the news, making the account popular. You earn six badges and this is what’s most interesting. It shows you the pillars you go through in order to have a successful account. The six badges are impersonation, trolling, emotion, conspiracy,  polarization and discredit. The game highlights the fact of how easy fake news can be made and how the news might not be entirely fake so you start believing the whole story. This is a huge problem nowadays with the rise of social media you have to double check your facts!

The sixth game is called “know yourself” I chose that game in particular because if it’s interesting name; I wanted to know how would I get to know myself a bit more through a game. It was fun. It reminded me of the idea of being conscious about the biases you already have. While making the decisions in the game i remembered how easy people can fall into the the trap of making assumptions without thinking them through.

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