Passing Information

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Play the game before you start reading.

My first thoughts when we started talking about creating a game was what’s it going to be about. I wanted to create something different because I felt like everyone will start creating games about the obvious problems we face from day to day. Rumors is something we might all have been subjected to before whether in school, University, work or even in within your sports team. People take part in spreading a rumor without sometimes being conscious about what they’re doing and others do it on purpose for personal reasons. Second thoughts were about how am I going to do this? I’ve been using google slides for a long time now but I’ve never heard about creating links to certain slides and when started using it in that way; i had a whole new platform that I can create similar stuff to the game on. It’s a new skill that I never thought I needed until I started creating the game.

First I wanted to name the game something different other than “rumors” so the players won’t be aware of how they’re taking part in the spreading of a rumor. In the first draft it was a bit random but I’ve decided to make different paths for the rumor so you would find: 1- a rumor you’ve heard. 2- a rumor you’ve took part into. 3- a rumor about yourself. It wasn’t just setting random scenarios like I thought I would do in the beginning ; it ended up being something more sectioned. I had to make a plan for who would this work. It took a lot of thinking because I needed to organize it in an understandable way and at the same time it needs to send the message.

In this way you could see the different impacts of each. I feel like this helped the game to improve a lot from the first draft till the final one. Our first draft had a lot of hyperlinks missing. The game was shorter and confusing in a way because it didn’t always make a point about the idea of rumors. I got feedback from several friends and they all stated that it gets confusing sometimes that’s why I’ve decided that it would most of the time lead to the end slide which has a small pargraph talking about rumors.

Secondly, I tried adding more visuals in the game to keep it more interesting. I remember when I played other people’s games my issue was either it was too long or boring so I wanted to avoid these two specific things. You’d find most of the slides are pretty short with not a lot of text in them after all it’s a game.

What I found hard was not creating the content itself but linking everything together because it got confusing at a point. You had all of these slides and you wanted to make sure that everything linked correctly. At some points i felt stuck like how would this choice affect the player. All of these questions I kept asking each step of the way helped me grouping everything and finally finalize it.

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